The framed western art prints and vintage photographs you’ll find at the Redstone Company Store of packers and pack strings, cowboys and Indians, hunters and fly-fishermen, elk, buffalo, and grizzly bears are so beautiful and the frames so massive and tasteful, you’ll think it will take a week’s paycheck to buy one of the prints. High end western décor, here you have it. But you’ll be surprised at the pricing at the Redstone Company Store. You’ll be able to buy one of these gorgeous framed art prints or vintage Western photographs for less than you’d pay for framing at a frame shop.

This is a true bargain, a secret you don’t want your friends to know about. They’ll think you spent thousands of dollars to decorate your ski house or vacation cabin with these splendid gallery prints, but they won’t know what a great deal you got at the Redstone Company Store. Some of the prints are whimsical, with dancing bears and jumping trout. Others are serious, like the Indian chiefs looking out over the western landscapes that will soon belong to white settlers. Still others are simple impressive, like the bugling elk in the autumn forests, or the grizzly bears looking straight at you. Awesome wall art!

These framed art prints will help any interior designer put the final touches on a mountain vacation home, fishing retreat, ski home, hunting cabin, or Rocky Mountain dream home.  The archival sepia-toned photographs of 19-century Indians will evoke a response from your guests; the wildlife art will add a pleasing touch to your domain; and the richness of the matting and framing looks too expensive to be affordable.

Check out our online gallery! You’ll find many great selections to choose from, and we can drop ship from our suppliers direct to your door.

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